Health Coaching


Health coaching focuses on the following general areas of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, financial, and occupational wellness as it contributes to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. The purpose of a health coach is to hold a mirror for the client, so they can see what they want to change. It is walking with them as they explore their health goals, not setting a path for them. If your ready to get started, read through the details below, and fill out the small form at the bottom at this page, and Molly, our Health Coach will be in contact with you shortly.

These services are currently only available to YMCA Members.


Free 45-minute Discovery Goal Setting session! ($45 value)

  • Meet your coach, Molly and begin to explore your goals and challenges
  • Learn how Health Coaching works and what your personalized plan could look like

Ongoing sessions and packages to meet your schedule and desired pace. 

  • Build a lasting relationship with your coach.
  • Meet virtually or in-person, We recommend the first meeting be in person.
  • Stay accountable with regular check-ins.
  • Take on new challenges as you continue progressing towards your health and wellness goals
  • Offering bi-weekly 30-minute sessions, monthly 30-minute sessions

Packages Available

Packages are currently only available to YMCA Members:

  • 45 Minute Discovery Session Free

    $45.00 Value

  • Single Sessions (45 minutes per session) $45.00

    Charged per session

  • 4 Sessions (45 minutes per session) $170.00

    $180.00 Value

  • 6 Sessions (45 minutes per session) $250.00

    $270.00 Value

  • 8 Sessions (45 minutes per session) $320.00

    $360.00 Value

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