Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have time commitments on your memberships?


We are here for you when and how you need us! Our memberships do not come with a time commitment attached so you can cancel your membership at any time that you need to in order to fit your life. We do ask that you give us 5 business days’ notice prior to cancelling. If you only want a one month membership, you can complete the cancellation form at the same time you complete the application. The rates and join fee applies to all memberships. Click HERE for membership pricing.

Do you sell Day Passes for the Public?


The purpose of a day pass is to allow the public to use our facility without a membership. Our public day rate is: Youth (0-17) $5.00; Adult (18+) $15.00; Family $20.00. Day passes cover the duration of a full day upon sign-in and re-entry is permissible. Participant form must be signed upon first visit to the facility. Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent-signed non-member application and waivers on file. For your convenience, parents can to sign up as a non-member and complete liability and code of conduct waivers..

Are we able to use other YMCAs outside of our home Y?


As a member of the YMCA of Steuben County, you now have Nationwide Membership and may visit ANY participating YMCA in the U.S.A. with no extra charge.

Nationwide Membership is offered to assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals wherever you live, work, or travel.

Does the YMCA of Steuben County offer Financial Assistance?


The YMCA of Steuben County is pleased to offer the Membership Assistance Program which is designed to provide financial assistance to people in our community who wish to strive for healthy living but can’t quite fit a full-price membership in their budget.

It is the policy of this Y that no child is turned away from enjoying the benefits of membership based upon their ability to pay for a membership. The Y also offers financial assistance to adults and families that can not afford to pay the full cost of a membership. Reductions in membership fees are subject to qualification of personal needs and financial resources of the Y.

Membership scholarships are one year memberships that are based off of household dependents, household income, and any special circumstance that may heed assistance. If a member desires to renew upon one year completion, a new application and income verification must be provided.

The Y offers this scholarship program through generous donations from our members and community.

Can I transfer, hold, or cancel my membership?


Because YMCAs are all individually-owned, membership information is non-transferable between Ys. If you are relocating, we would recommend cancellation of current membership and creation of new membership at the desired Y. If the transfer is within one month, join fee is typically waived.

Members have the ability to put their membership on hold one time a year, for up to six months. This will freeze any payment within the hold time frame. There is a $20.00 processing fee. We require a temporary hold form, as well as a 5 business day notice for the hold and any payment that may process within that 30 days is non-refundable.

Should you decide to end your membership, we need a 5 business day notice to stop your automatic bank or credit card withdrawal. Any payment that may process within that 5 business days is non-refundable; Facility may be used through time covered by last payment. This notice is a form that you can request at the front desk.

Are There Minimum Enrollment Requirements for Programs to Run?


The Y reserves the right to cancel any program if enrollment is insufficient. A full refund or class credit will be given in this situation.

Are Corporate Memberships Available?

Speak with your employer regarding corporate memberships. Each employer has a different policy or reimbursement on YMCA memberships.

Are there additional charges for the aerobic classes?


All land and water aerobics are included free with your membership. There is a charge for swim lessons, sports programs, leagues, personal training, pilates reformer training, and specialty programs.

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